The Furbabies

Today, I wanted to keep the mood of the blog pretty light. I mean, it’s Friday, my doctor gave me the blessed news “Nothing is abnormal” regarding some feminine wonkiness, I’m wearing a really cute sweater, a coworker bought me a Diet Dr. Pepper when I had no money for one…

So yeah, let’s look at my cats!

“Gimme dat feather toy!”

Name: Winston
Age: 3 years
Sex: Ball-less Boy
Color: White/orange tabby
Personality: Lord of the manor; standoffish and aloof; dislikes everyone but me; if he shows you attention, it’s a high honor; can be really particular and demanding when it comes to food; will not hesitate to whine and meow for attention
Likes: Sitting on high things to survey his domain; tackling his brothers; treats
Dislikes: Being petted without permission; vacuum cleaners; his baby brother pouncing on him
Nicknames: Winsturd, Winstoner, Buddy, Asshole, Venti Cat, Beeg One

“Go away, I’m trying to sleep.”

Name: Trinket
Age: 2 years
Sex: Ball-less Boy
Color: Black like the night
Personality: Quiet and shy; doesn’t come out much; will snuggle me for hours if he has his way; subservient to King Winston
Likes: Cuddling with Mom; sharing wet food with Thor; sleeping in the recliner; quietly observing from afar
Dislikes: Loud noises; lots of activity and people; being tackled when he’s trying to chill
Nicknames: Trink, Trinkydink, Trinket Buddeeeeee, House Panther, Void Cat, Grande Cat, Snugglebug

“How YOU doin’?”

Name: Thor
Age: 5 months-ish
Sex: Ball-less Boy
Color: Gray tabby/white
Personality: A punk; extremely hyper and playful (“a spazz”); very sweet and loving when he settles down; curious
Likes: Nursing on Mom’s arm; sleeping in his tower (pictured); chasing toys; chasing his brothers; biting his brothers; drinking out of the sink faucet; wet food
Dislikes: Being kicked out of bed; toes moving under blankets; not having wet food
Nicknames: Thundercat, The Baby, Punk, Lil’ One, Tall Cat, Doorstop, DIY Cat

That’s my babies. I love them all. All three are rescues from organizations here in town, and I have raised each of them from kittenhood. Having cats is the best thing I’ve ever done to myself. It might be expensive and a little messy, but they bring me such joy. Winston meets me at the door every day when I come home from work. Thor wouldn’t let me out of bed one day this week because he wanted to cuddle. Trinket squeaks rather than meows to greet me. There’s nothing like a living creature who loves you and relies on you for survival to make you feel special. 🙂

Per aspera ad astra,


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